Secure Chat: The Era of IM Secure

Secure Chat: The Era of IM Secure

Secure Chat: The Era of IM Secure

In a world where privacy is becoming increasingly scarce, IM Secure, a new player in the chat app arena, is making waves with its promise of unprecedented features and uncompromising security. This chat app is designed to redefine how we think about secure communication.

A Team You Can Trust

The founding partners of IM Secure include former NYPD officers, White House presidential security officials, tech gurus, and capital partners. This diverse and experienced team has guaranteed that they will never share conversation data with anyone, period, setting a new standard for trust in the chat app industry.

Encryption: The Highest Standard in Chat Apps

IM Secure uses A2 and AES512 encryption, the same level of encryption standards as Signal and WhatsApp, which are highly recognized to be the best in the chat app game until now. This is a testament to IM Secure’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in encryption, ensuring that your messages within the chat app are safe and secure.

A Chat App with Unique Features

What sets IM Secure apart from other chat apps is its unique Folders feature. Unlike any other chat app, IM Secure allows users to create folders within conversations to organize media and files received in any chat or group. This innovative feature enables users to easily find their files, which are neatly organized and can be mirrored to Google Drive. This means that when you open your Google Drive, you will find all your chat files and media neatly organized, just as they are in your IM Secure chat app. This unique chat app feature will finally allow business communications to depart from email and move to IM Secure’s organized encrypted chat.

The Promise of Premium

IM Secure has announced a soon-to-come premium version of its chat app for business professionals. This version includes full user KYC (Know Your Customer) that is industry standard for most businesses, biometrics, and a voice-activated AI assistant that can help with tasks like scheduling and information retrieval.

AI Stella: Your Personal Planner within the Chat App

AI Stella, the AI Planner in IM Secure is designed to work on user call metadata and through voice will offer options to follow up on calls with you and classify your contacts through simple voice commands. This allows it to fully manage one’s schedule, even printing out your schedule and to-do list for the day. The assistant will be industry-specific and will need virtually no training. It will start with real estate and connex professionals, making IM Secure a pioneering chat app in integrating AI functionalities.

Secure Circles: OTP-Invite Groups, Coming Soon in Premium Version

IM Secure introduces Secure Circles, a feature described as OTP-Invite Groups. This allows for the creation of secure group chats within the chat app where members are invited via a One-Time Password (OTP), ensuring that only authorized individuals can join. This feature is slated to be part of the upcoming premium version of the chat app.

Proprietary Blockchain Integration

IM Secure is also in the process of adding proprietary blockchain technology to its chat app. This will allow for the possibility of linking conversations to tokens for public records purposes, although the specifics of how this will work are still under development.

Are Signal, WhatsApp, and IM Secure Free to Use?

All three of these chat apps are free to use. However, IM Secure is planning the release of a premium paid version for business professionals that includes full user KYC, biometrics, and a voice-activated AI assistant.

What Sets Each Chat App Apart?

  • WhatsApp is known for its large user base and its integration of chatbots for customer service.
  • Signal stands out for its focus on user anonymity and privacy.
  • IM Secure is unique in its promise of innovative features like Folders, Drive Mirroring, full authentication options, and Secure Circles, making it a standout choice for business professionals who require the utmost in security and organization within a chat app.

In Conclusion

In a landscape dominated by players like WhatsApp and Signal, IM Secure is carving out its own niche. With its strong focus on security, privacy, and innovative features tailored for business professionals, IM Secure is poised to become a major player in the chat app industry.

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