Beta Test Agreement

Beta Tester Agreement

Welcome to IM Secure Beta Testing! By clicking “I Accept,” you understand and acknowledge the following terms:

  1. Data Collection and Usage: You agree that we may ask for your valuable usage insights, which include app interactions, features used, and device information. Your input helps us enhance app performance and user experience.
  2. Communication: We hope you will join us in providing feedback! By participating, you give us permission to send you weekly communications, including feedback forms, surveys, and updates on app developments.
  3. Confidentiality: During this beta testing phase, IM Secure’s features and functionalities are confidential. Please avoid sharing these details with third parties.
  4. Data Security: Rest assured, your data’s security is our priority. Your information will be handled confidentially and used solely for app improvement purposes.
  5. Termination: While we hope you’ll continue with us, IM Secure reserves the right to modify or end your participation in the beta testing program as needed.

Your insights are incredibly valuable and contribute to creating an even better app. Thank you for being a part of the IM Secure journey!